Disques de Lapin presents: "Nada que Perder" A celebration of Ô Paradis

This morning I opened the computer and I was surprised by one of the most beautiful gifts of my life. Thomas Nola has prepared a celebration of Ô Paradis shaped tribute with some bands that have left me with open eyes of a child on Christmas. With this, my friend Thomas, who is a true artist, that is, someone who breathes magic into the world and also makes the work of others have the opportunity, gave meaning to many years of uncertainty. Many thanks to the projects that have participated.
I just enjoyed their music without offering anything more than my listening ear, and they have worked, perhaps unwittingly, to break, once again, my idea of fate. From what I have read, this September will take place this beautiful present, and so, a few days ago I learned that the album from Ô Paradis, Nacimiento, will appears around November.
I've never been so glad that an album from ÔP take a little longer to get out.
Thomas Nola, I can only say thank you friend. I do not know if the world will understand in a more forceful way the work you do on Disques de Lapin and your other projects, but here they are, and they are priceless.

"Nada Que Perder" from Eskimo Lapin on Vimeo.