New album and a tribute!

Available November 1st on Disques de Lapin 2014.
"Ô Paradis: Nacimiento" and "Nada que Perder: A Celebration of Ô paradis".
New album and a tribute album recorded by friends and contemporaries.

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Review African Paper: Ô PARADIS: Los Olvidados

Demian Recio betreibt sein Einmannprojekt Ô Paradis nun schon seit rund fünfzehn Jahren und hat es dabei zu einer Meisterschaft im Zusammensetzen und Verwandeln von Tönen gebracht. Das Besondere an seiner Arbeit ist jedoch, dass er auf dem Weg des Samplens und Montierens stets wohlklingende Lieder zustande bringt, die viel erdiger und traditioneller anmuten, als man es bei dieser Herangehensweise erwartet. Der Eindruck von etwas Ursprünglichem, eine Art magischer Realismus, eignet seiner Musik, obwohl der am Reisbrett entstandene Mosaikcharakter stets offenliegt.Es wurde schon so vieler Musik etwas Alchemistisches angedichtet, und man möchte die abgegriffene Metapher kaum noch verwenden. Aber sie kommt einen bei Demian nicht grundlos in den Sinn.

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New site and new album!

Ô Paradis is immersed in the sessions of the new album "Nacimiento" 2014. We prefer not to say anything about this album and leave space for mystery. More when the release will be near.

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"Memorias" CD

"Memorias" de Ô Paradis no esconde ningún secreto, hasta el título es cristalino, ya que es una criba de las canciones más significativas de la banda grabadas de nuevo.

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Review: Ô Paradis – Personas

To say that Ô Paradis, in the twelve or so years since its inception, has become one of the most genuinely interesting and innovative artists in the realm of post-industrial experimentalism is perhaps only beginning to shave the upper layer of a gross understatement.  Led by Barcelona, Spain native Demian Recio, Ô Paradis has long developed a unique style that has remained unrivaled in its strange allusions to distinctly Mediterranean romanticism/sensuality and increasingly psychedelic tendencies, and this latest release, Personas, only works to firmly mold those characteristics into place.  That said, like most Ô Paradis releases, this album is a unique work in itself, standing separate from the artist’s previous catalog and, from the label’s own description, those which have yet to be manifested as well.  Regardless, Ô Paradis’ very recognizable sound certainly still exists here, and for that reason, any fan of the band should already know what to expect within reasonable assumptions; that is, abstruse Mediterranean folk-flavored electro-pop with a sense of both novelty and antiquity.

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“When the time blows” – interview with O PARADIS

The story behind this interview is quite interesting, because the first questions I’ve sent to Demian… I don’t remember, it was 5 years ago or something like that. As far as I remember it was my second “journalist” attempt ever(the first one was with French band Storm Of Capricorn – I guess no one remember that name anymore). The first answers I received… 2 years later. Then we did a second part, because at that time “Cuando el Tiempo Sopla” was out. So it was finished in 2008. But then there was some confusion where it should be published and in what form, I was waiting what comes out, and because of that all in all it landed in my virtual drawer. I wasn’t even sure if it will ever see the light of the day. Now we have 2011 and I finally decided to publish it on Santa Sangre. I think it is fascinating interview, definitely worth reading by wider audience. I invite you to read this conversation, but please, keep in mind that it is old, some things we were talking about are out-of-date. Maybe one day, in 10 years, we’ll do a follow-up and talk about another Demian’s albums. But now, ladies and gentelmen,  here’s O PARADIS.

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Interview - Ô Paradis: El vinilo de la memoria comienza a girar

Una hermosa colección de ruidos, poesía y experimentación. Vientos del Mediterráneo, piratas mágicos y destellos de estrellas en la frente. Ô Paradis es una isla rodeada de nubes y flechas rotas, y su mentor Demian Recio, poeta de la soledad y la melancolía, es el alter egode un proyecto místico que disfraza con trajes de música el alma de un poeta errante y meditabundo.

Como si las distancias fueran sólo un espejismo, estuvimos con Demian Recio conversando sobre Ô Paradis, sus colaboraciones, influencias y proyectos paralelos. Suena un gong a la distancia y su pensamiento toma forma y se proyecta en esta conversación...

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Interview for Stigmata

Old interview for music magazine Stigmata from Belarus. On Russian.

Еще одно интервью из наших “закромов”. С Демианом из Ô Paradis беседует Влад “Нихил”.

“Ложное сознание есть Великий океан, а страсти – это волны”.
Сутра Помоста Шестого патриарха

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