“When the time blows” – interview with O PARADIS

The story behind this interview is quite interesting, because the first questions I’ve sent to Demian… I don’t remember, it was 5 years ago or something like that. As far as I remember it was my second “journalist” attempt ever(the first one was with French band Storm Of Capricorn – I guess no one remember that name anymore). The first answers I received… 2 years later. Then we did a second part, because at that time “Cuando el Tiempo Sopla” was out. So it was finished in 2008. But then there was some confusion where it should be published and in what form, I was waiting what comes out, and because of that all in all it landed in my virtual drawer. I wasn’t even sure if it will ever see the light of the day. Now we have 2011 and I finally decided to publish it on Santa Sangre. I think it is fascinating interview, definitely worth reading by wider audience. I invite you to read this conversation, but please, keep in mind that it is old, some things we were talking about are out-of-date. Maybe one day, in 10 years, we’ll do a follow-up and talk about another Demian’s albums. But now, ladies and gentelmen, here’s O PARADIS.

Is O PARADIS your first musical activity?

No, I’ve played in various projects since I was 15 but now that I am 32 I only need “O Paradis” to find what I am looking for.

I’d like to ask you about the name of your project. Is it reference to DEATH IN JUNE song?

Yes, at that time I thought it was a good idea to use the title of the song, though after a while the names of bands loose their significance like when you repeat a word again and again, in
the end there is only a sound without meaning, a brand. This also happens with some good ideas. Tendencies, then fashions and finally brands, that’s the cicle.

How would you describe your music? What feelings should O PARADIS bring to the listener?

I am a suffering man with no answers, drowning in a sea of possibilities and “O Paradis” is the rope someone threw for me from nowhere, to help me. It makes me proud that some people use the same rope to save moments in their lives, that’s good and my music is for them.

You always wanted to be a musician? Did you try to realize yourself in other forms of art (writing, staging) in the past?

I’ m no good for any other kind of creation, this is the only thing I know how to do. I like writing texts and the music for popular songs.

Would you find yourself in some more popular musical genre, like more conventional pop or rock?

I think “O Paradis” is pop, more or less strange according to my mood. In fact all music is popular, from the troubadours of the Middle Age telling their stories to contemporary classical music, it’ s all stories to entertain the masses. Making people think is the best way to entertain.


Puede ver la entrevista completa aquí